What Goes Traveling, Must Come Home

Isaac Newton said it best when he said, “What goes up, must come down.” Even the most wonderful, warm weather, golf trips come to a close at some point.

It’s science really… For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton’s 3rd law. Also, most likely the reason I spent so much time rebooking flights on this trip… But I digress. The sweet wouldn’t taste as sweet without having tasted the sour. I wouldn’t know how amazing it felt to get sunburnt on the first day in Fiji, if I wasn’t acclimated to playing golf in this balmy 40° weather.

I wouldn’t have appreciated playing golf in multiple different countries, or how much contrast different courses could have, even though they were right down the street from one another, if I hadn’t spent so much time playing the small track tucked away in my backyard.

Most importantly, I wouldn’t have known how spectacular it is to build a connection with others, if I hadn’t spent so much time avoiding connection, out here by myself.

While things may come and go with the tide, I believe that the feelings that these things give us, impress upon our souls and stick with us forever. It’s these feelings that keep us moving forward, even on the rainiest of days. They are the fuel with which to drive the boat from the dock, whenever the tide comes back in.

I may be overly dramatizing the situation by saying that today is a rainy day because I had to snap back into reality, but it will be the memories created over the last 3 weeks that keep me afloat, until the tide rises once more, and I get to explore the world again, one golf course at a time.

Until then, you can find me here, remembering and reliving, trying to figure out how to get back before I freeze to death.

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