Just Throw Another Dart.

Most days I wake up asking myself, “Do we really know what we’re doing? Do we really know how to achieve what we desire?”

I’m not exactly sure who the “we” is, just that I seem to refer to myself in some weird multi-third person sense. I suppose I’m allowing the voice in my head to be it’s own person…

But with all noble integrity, do any of us actually know what we’re doing on the daily?

Like yeah, you know you hafta go to work, you hafta eat and all that, but does anyone actually know how to accomplish the goals they’ve set for themselves?

It’s weird, this life. 

An infinite number of options to choose from, basically a blank canvas and a tray of infinite colors from which to create your life from. 

How do you choose where to begin? What color do you start with? What shape are you going to draw first? How does that shape get you closer to where you wanna end up?

I imagine this is how golf course architects feel when they first see a new site.

Yeah, there can be some restrictions, but for the most part, new land is their version of that blank canvas.

How do they see the best routing just lying there in the dirt? How did they see all the shapes and contours? How does it always come out being so amazing?

Truth is, it’s hard. 

Trust me, I’m building my own course on PGA Tour 2K21, and even in the era of social media, I had no idea that I could blankly stare at a screen for so long. 

Check me out, Mom! I’m an aRkItEkt. 

Okay, definitely not an architect, but the further along I get the more I realize it’s kinda similar to the way I do photography. Freakishly similar to the way I do life.

Someone once said something like, “A photographer takes 1,000 photos just to come up with one good one,” and it couldn’t be more true. At least for me.

Maybe it’s just that I’m early in my journey, but I never hesitate to rattle off 10-20 shutter snaps of, seemingly, the exact same image.

Click one, change the exposure. Click two, move the frame. Click three, zoom.

Tiny, minuscule changes that are mostly imperceptible. Definitely makes post-processing a bit more time-consuming.

It’s like throwing darts at a dartboard. You throw everything you’ve got and hope one sticks.

But in the end, that’s how you come up with the best possible result.

You just try stuff out and see what works.

Most of our efforts probably won’t work, but rather makes it possible, that one effort might.

So, maybe we don’t know what we’re doing, me and this voice, and maybe we never will, but I think it’s time we start asking ourselves, “What do you want to try next?” instead of questioning ourselves and our abilities. 

“Just throw another dart.” -The voice I keep hearing.

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