Decisions, Decisions.

When almost any outcome is possible, why does everything feel so impossible?

The smells overwhelmed me. Hazelnut, caramel, and is that some kind of citrus? It’s funny, while the rest of the world was losing their sense of smell to Covid, I feel like mine is only getting stronger.

As the last shopping cart abandons the coffee aisle silent smelling party my fellow shoppers and I had partaken, my eyes scan the shelves hoping to fall on the perfect bag.

When was this roasted? Do I really need this big of a bag? Why don’t they have this flavor in whole bean? The questions roll through my head with reckless abandon. I even find myself asking what the hell I’m even talking about.

Secretly, I don’t really know that much about coffee, but I do know that I love a good bag-sniffing, and also the excitement of trying out a new batch. So much so, that I try to never pick the same bag twice.

If only it were that easy. Those who know me know that decision making isn’t my strong suit. As illustrated by the dilemma in the coffee aisle, I struggle to parse out pros and cons and determine which one weighs more heavily.

I’m not afraid to spend 23 minutes in the coffee aisle. In fact, I have a difficult time spending any less than that. Same goes for everything else.

At least I’m not alone. Baseball season is underway and that means we’ve got a brand new team of little leaguers ready to chase a title. Or butterflies. We haven’t really decided yet.

It is quite comical, however, to watch indecision wreak havoc on their little faces, especially when it happens directly after I explained that there were no runners on and the play was at first. It’s almost like there’s something in your brain preventing you from making decisions, even when you know the right answer.

It’s strikingly similar to that moment, just before pulling a club out of your bag. That split second when you settle the debate, deep in your soul, of whether to lay up or whether to go for it.

The safe play is to the center of the green, but if you can just land your ball right here you’ll have a tap-in for bird. Quite the conundrum, eh?

Slow and steady wins the race, but what if you’re falling behind? Surely, you’ll need to reach out and grab your destiny?

It’s just an easy little pop-up over this tree and trees are 90% air, but that’s 10% that isn’t. Are you willing to take that chance?

When almost any outcome is possible, why does everything feel so impossible?

I sit across from my girlfriend at the restaurant. As she looks up from the menu, she says she can’t decide what she wants, fajitas or enchiladas. 3 minutes later, the waitress arrives. She takes my order first because Girlfriend still isn’t sure. Immediately, she makes a snap decision, condensing the entire process into one second, right there on the spot. It’s almost like she knew what she wanted the whole time.

Oh, if only it were that easy.

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