Manifest Destiny.

Little did he know, it was the 16th green at Cypress Point.

Do you think manifestation really works? Like you can just will something into existence?

I’m skeptical but then again, maybe it does.

I still haven’t “willed” that 79 onto my scorecard yet, but I did make it to Fiji once. I’m convinced that the Fiji scented Old Spice deodorant that I’ve used forever had something to do with it. I mean Fiji was never on my radar, yet somehow I ended up on the golf course that hosted the Fiji International for five years. I can still smell the ocean.

I also ended up on a golf course in India. How the hell that one happened I really couldn’t tell you.

All I know is that I was determined to play golf there. It was my second trip to the second-most populous country in the world and I was willing to catch a cab and play by myself. I had planned out an entire day to get on a golf course, an hour and a half drive each way to a nine-holer, in a place I couldn’t read most street signs. Not that it would’ve mattered much anyway.

I was hellbent. I was going to get there. My friends looked at me like I was nuts, but I needed to feed the addiction.

Then, out of nowhere, a gift from the heavens fell into my lap. Abhir dropped into my dm’s.

“Hey, I’ve been following you a while and I see you’re in Mumbai, would you like to come check out my club?”

“F&$k yeah I would,” my heart screamed.

“Could be a rapist,” my brain chimed in.

I was leary, but it was the best shot I had.

I’d just been invited to play a legit private club in Bombay? Are you kidding me?

Turns out Abhir was not a rapist. Also, not a kidnapper, murderer, or weirdo of any sort. He made arrangements to loan me his buddies clubs, got me a caddie, and played 11 holes with me before he had to leave for work. Then, he made sure it was okay if I finished out. Absolutely, the number one host in the world. I won’t even begin to gush about the course. That’s an entire article by itself.

I had to go back and rent clubs but they were essentially brand new Taylormades, (like if they’d been used I couldn’t tell) and I got an extra two holes out of the deal. Seemed like a win-win to me.

I’ll repeat myself for enhanced clarity. 20 holes on a private course in India? With a brand new set of Taylormades? ARE YOU F&$KING KIDDING ME?!

So maybe it is possible to manifest something into your life. To desire something so intensely that you just fall right into it. Again, I’m not sure but since those things happened I figured I’d try again.

My brother brought home one of those framed motivational posters from an abandoned rental house he had to clean out one time. It’s a photo of a golf hole on the ocean and says, “The harder the course, the more rewarding the triumph,” across the bottom. He thought it was cool, and knew I liked golf and motivational quotes, so he brought it home.

Little did he know, it was the 16th green at Cypress Point.

It hangs on the wall in our office and every time I sit down to write, I turn and stare at it for a while. Mostly because of the quote, pumping myself up when I can’t think of something to talk about, but I can never miss the beauty of the photo above it. There’s just something about that hole.

I can confirm that no one has ever contacted me saying they wanted to shepherd me around the first-ranked golf course in the world, (per however I’m not going to write it off. Who knows? Crazier things have seemed to happen.

Maybe someday, you’ll catch a photo of me pulling my ball out of the hole on the best green in the world (some would say). It won’t even matter that it’s for a quadruple bogey, because I’ll know I was meant to be there.

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