Pursuit of Passion.

Passion is a force unlike any other.

I saw a meme yesterday that talked about someone doing the thing they loved. It started with a lot of happiness and ended with a lot of kicking and screaming.

Your happy place, your sanctuary, the place where you go to forget all your worries and just relax. For me, that’s golf.

By the second hole, you can really tell I’ve let loose by all the cursing and club slamming. (Not really, but it’s happened.)

Golf is a lot like life. It asks you to decide who you wanna be.

Are you the kind of person who screams and throws a club or one who takes a hit on the chin, gets back up and tries again?

Can you be the person who delays gratification or are you the person who lets a good shot inflate their ego only to let it screw up the next?

Are you going to hang your everything on each shot, or are you the person who knows that everything is gonna be okay no matter what the outcome?

Your passion can be the thing that makes you whole. It can be the thing that pulls you from a dark place in your life. It can also make you act out in some really weird ways.

For example, underwater basket weaving really brings out the worst in my friend, Brian. I don’t know why but he always starts screaming whenever he finishes a basket. Not like a victory scream though, there’s a lot of crying and sadness but he’s underwater so you can’t hear anything or see any tears. He really should just stick to golf.

Passion is a force unlike any other. It can be a useful tool or a drug that pulls you down and eats you alive from the inside. Ultimately, you get to be the one to decide.

Are you gonna break that club or try again?

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